The purpose of a blog

June 9, 2005

I had the good fortune to read Po Bronson’s “What should I do with my life”. In that Mr Bronson describes the ordeal of a writer trapped in a management job and similar other cases. Sometimes one may have a spontaneous inclination somewhere but the vagaries of life and vicissitudes of existence may make him forcefully follow something completely different. A reknowned writer from the Hindi film Industry described wrong occupation as “Lifetime imprisonment”. In that context, we should be grateful that something like the internet is available for at latent writing talent to at least manifest if not blossom. At least there is an outlet, an avenue, a ray of light for people to showcase their talent which brings to mind what a famous hindi movie director said, “ You cannot be a show on unless you are a show off” All this serious stuff apart, blogging should be plain fun and good exchange of information and knowledge :-
As I ponder over the purposes of the blog
Wrong occupation is like being covered under a fog
Any prospect to breakout should make one slog
It is a unique opportunity for exchange and dialog
Anybody would be tempted to make posts and build a log


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