Ever tried shares trading?

October 18, 2005

As against investment in shares stock trading is a business. Professionally it is taking off in India though in the United states, it is a full fledged profession.

In Trading, one has to learn Technical Analysis or analysis of the market by graphs and indicators of momentum, volatility, trend, volume etc. The best software for that purpose is Metastock which I have. Trading is of three types- Day trading, Swing trading and Position Trading. In Day trading, one can buy and sell within the same day, in swing trading you can buy and sell within a week and position trading can be from a few weeks to a few months. Day trading is deemed the most dangerous and position trading the safest. There is another site called http://www.technicaltrends.com which has a very comprehensive software.

Like everything else in life trading is best learnt from a coach or one can spend years trying to master Technical analysis. Currently I am learning swing trading from a full time America trained coach(CNBC expert advisor) who gives instructions through yahoo chat. It seems safe enough once you get used to it. We also do derivatives which means futures and options and where more money can be earned with less money. Considering some of the hassles of doing business in India, it is not a bad option but one has to be careful and vigilant. Trading is three to five times more dangerous than investment and attempting on one’s own would be financial suicide unless you have some god gifted talent.WWW,traderji.com is the best discussion forum in India as per my knowledge.

One really wonders why nobody has taken the initiative of collaborating with the Americans to initiate share trading education in India 



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