Poem-The Stockmarket is like a lady

October 19, 2005

CNBC expert analyst,Mr Ashwini Gujral in his latest book “ How to make money trading derivatives” says on page 203 “ Treat the market as a lady and you will be happy. When a lady says no, the gentleman says no. It works well with the ladies as with the markets.” Mr Gujral is trying to explain that one has to bow to what the market dictates instead of trying to be egoistic and impose one own ego’s on the market.

Even if the stock market is like a lady
The greatest malady
Is that with its unpredictability,you cannot think of going permanently steady
Success in the mkt can make you quite heady
But it is full of characters who are shady
Apart from people who keep saying “Mkt has discounted everything already”
That is why one has to be on one’s toes and be eveready
Only on total surrender to it it can be “My(and your) fair lady”

The lady analogy is really interesting. As it is before commencing trading, I used to sing to the terminal ,” Jo tum ko ho pasand wahi baat karenge, tum din ko agar raat kaho raat kahenge”“ Good reminder?



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  2. good, thanks

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