Blooker award for blogstar.

October 21, 2005

The Delhi times(October 20,2005) had a cute story on B(l)ooked your blog yet?Blooker prize aims to award blooks-books printed from blogs.

Stephen fraser of Lullu, the organization behind the prize says, ” Magazines are watching the growing literary. Publishers are publishing books depending upon the material published on blogs”Prominent blogger Cory Doctorow and a judge for the prize says that yardsticks for blooks will be similar to those of books

Preeti Desai, President Internet and mobile association of India said that this should encourage the bloggers to create quality content.

When one sees the judges of competitions like Indian idols, one wonders who the judges of blogging competition would be in India. The United states is way ahead of India on the blogging scene. One really wonders when will there be a blogexplosion and a technocrati only for Indian blogs. 




  1. Welcome to the blog world !
    Well my suggestion would be stick to one blog in the beginning atleast then spread ur wings out unless u have some thing specific u woudl like blog separately abt.

    Will keep visiting ur blog often and thnks for dropping by mine

  2. I love my child .But i still would get angry

  3. Thank you for posting this stuff.

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