Rashmi O Rashmi, Rush me, Don’t crush me

February 7, 2006

I have found Rashmi Bansal’s blog(on my blogroll-youth curry) one of my favorites as it has been consistently good. Rashmi Bansal’s review on “Rang De Basanti” is as great as the movie itself and seems to be the unanimous favorite; going by some of the posts  “Rang De Basanti” also reminds one of the colorful holi scenes of the immortal classic, “Sholay” where actress Hema Malini is very colorful and boisterous as the character Basanti. “Sholay” got the best film in fifty years award from filmfare last year. It was technically and creatively a true classic, almost perfect from very angle. In every field, there are prodigies or “Sholays” like cricketer Sachin Tendulkar who was made to undergo baptism by fire at the age of 16 and is still playing. Following the “catch them young philosophy” , these people have to be spotted and nurtured early. I had the pleasure of watching the rise of a management prodigy who got three double promotions in one year and went on to build a big business in no time because he was spotted and encouraged by the chairman almost as soon as he joined. (“Rush-me”). I heard that a former test vetran was going to the small towns and villages to prevent the Tendulkars and Kapil-Devs from obscurity(Crush-me).
After six months of blogging , I am surprised that none of the top bloggers comment on budding bloggers for  encouragement. Maybe they simply don’t have the time or blogiquette is different. A pity in our country which boasts of a “Guru-shishya paramapara”. I have seen Rashmi’s comments occasionally but she plays a symbolic role here as this is directed to the top shots:- My dear Rashmi,

It seems that with aspiring bloggers, you don’t want to be chummy,

Appreciation to a deserving aspirant is as food to an emaciated tummy.

A beginner in any field is like a baby, in need of a mummy.

There has to be some talent there, everyone cannot be a dummy.

You too were a beginner once, today you may be yummy.

Natural Talent must be promoted, whether it is in someone else or you and me.

Not doing so is tantamount to blasphemy(Sacrilege).

Ability has to be supported by visibility and senior bloggers should facilitate the process.

I am trying out wordpress currently. The other comments for this entry are on http://wordyword.blogspot.com/2006/02/rashmi-o-rashmi-rush-me-dont-crush-me.html#links



  1. Wow! Finally I am able to write comment on your post.You write so well. For taking backup of your posts you can avail this information Amit

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  3. Hiren, Deepak Jeswal has left a comment for you ob my post. 🙂
    Leaving a comment for HIREN SHAH (sorry Alka, using ur space here, u can delete this once he has read it ) – You hv written a wonderful poem asking older bloggers to encourage new ones – but at the same time, u hv asked for wordpress login id to comment on ur blog – not fair!

  4. Sorry for the inconeenience. It was just a configuration problem that has now been sorted out, I have plenty of software implemntation experience and these are teeghing troubles. I have therefore a simultaneous post on blogger as well. For those interested, there have been several comments there on


  5. Thanks for your comments. And yes, you are right—one should hope to marry someone who uses the side of the brain opposed to yours. But spotting it in the superficial world of romance is difficult.
    Back to your post. Who was this management genius? Three double promotions i.e six promotions in a year. You must be kidding!

  6. Thanks for removing that login part dude…
    I was not able to make any comments…dunno why 😦

    I met Rashmi long time back on Orkut…she is an amazing blogger!!

  7. To prevent spamming…install Spam Karma and Bad Behaviour…and be happy 😀

  8. Hi Hiren, Finally this solved , good 😀

    Your point is a very valid one ; initially I had similar grouse , but today by God’s grace, as I celebrate my blog’s second anniversary, I do have a small clique of dedicated readers – the rest some google searches are helping out. In this duration, hv been able to make a lot of friends, and the friendship has continued off-line as well. I guess, blog world is much like the real one , to get into a group, one has to ‘socialize’ a lot , read others, and others will come and read u , thereon the strength of ur blog and its regularity will take care of it. I hv no doubt u hv a quality blog and hv read some of ur previous posts and the other blog as well.

    Take care, and good wishes


  9. Hey Hiren,
    Thanks dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog!

    // I am surprised that none of the top bloggers comment on budding bloggers for encouragement.//
    When they get so many new people in their blob, they might find it difficult to read blogs of the new bloggers…

    Let’s see what u do when u reach the A-list … 🙂
    Best wishes and have a greta weekend!

  10. Thanks arzoon for the tip and thanks Deepak for the encouraging comments.

    Krish, all I meant was that like in other fieds young talent must be encouraged. You too have a point, though.

  11. Awsum!!!!and yea very true…very well put!cheers

  12. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

    As for your post is concerned, don’t mistake me. I am just trying to be honest.. I am not one of those top level bloggers as you may say… Hell.. I do not even wish to be compared with any of those.. Some write blogs blowing their own trumphet, some as a past time, some as a hobby , some give useful information to the fellow readers.. and some merely to get comments and get recognised.

    I do not know which category you are in.. But stay well.. keep up the good work.. and DISCOVER YOU!!! 🙂

  13. I agree with your sentiment Hiren…but I guess they simply do not have the time. Guess there are just too many blogs floating around and its impossible to keep track of all of them.

    Thanks for dropping by and keep visiting…


  14. Lol.. thts a very interesting idea!promote bloggers!
    nice post 🙂

  15. Hiren,

    Thatz a thought to ponder about why there is no Guru-Shishya kind of relationship in bloggers world.May be thatz because blog is something perceived as a free flowing kind of thought logging which don’t require any mentoring.

    Nevertheless it is always a gud idea to showcase some budding bloggers…

    And thanks for visiting my blog & thank u for dropping ur comments there

    Have a gud day!

  16. Keep it up. And thanks for visiting the Fool on the Hill.

  17. Hiu Hiren thanks for coming bye.
    Talking of sholay did u know that Sholay did not get many Filmfare awards in that particular year.It got just one of the odd awards.
    Keep on posting 🙂

  18. Hi Hiren, thanks for stopping by my blog.. I see you’re quite true to your word about helping new bloggers 🙂

    As you probably figured from my post, I dint absolutely LOVE rang de basanti.. it was OK for me.. I’m not a die-hard fan of the movie..

    Hema Malini’s ‘Basanti’ was unbeatable 🙂

  19. Thanks a lot for commenting on bewajah.
    Am in total hurry but wil like you to also thanks for encouraging newbiw bloggers.

  20. Thanks Siri, Neha, fool on the hill,Kumar

    Bindu, I have to figure that out myself.

    I can understand Rohit but they should try and spare some time.

    Budding bloggers must be encouraged, Shiv.

    I am aware of everything about “Sholay”, Tarun.

    I agree with you on Hema, Nessa.

  21. I have schoold kids and students who leave comment on my blog. To me blogging is writing without any kind of deadline or other factors in mind. In short, honest writing. Which is why I never encourage anyone to take up blogging unless they are prepared for free and unfettred writing. It is a diferent matter if you are writing professionally. But I still think, that the day you start taking your blog too seriously, it will lose its charm.

  22. hi hiren…Thanx for visiting ashokism and commenting. U do practice what u preach..dont ya?
    U write very well…keep up the good work!!! cheers!

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