Hum Ek(One) Humare Dou(Two)-Blogily planning?

February 18, 2006

I have been wondering how the old family planning dictum “Hum dou humare dou” applies to blogs. Being new to blogging, there was no alternative but to move around the blogosphere to not only get the feel of it but to announce to fellow bloggers that I was the new kid around the blog( read block). This middleaged kid was surprised to learn that some of  my esteemed seniors have as many as nine blogs to their credit which ironical though it may seem in the “seniors” context, is a sign of youthful exuberance.

That reminds one of Bihar Ex chief minister, Lalloo Prasad Yadav’s nine children. When asked whether he believed in family planning, pat came the reply “ What else do you think I have been doing”. To digress a little, superb entertainer as he is wonder how lalloo would have responded to  blogs:-

Hum bhi banayenge blogua( Blog)

Jaanenge us maadhyam se logua(log or people)

Ke fodder scam me hum nahi the thagua(Thug)

Hum CM nahi rahe, ee hume kya hoi gawa

Just as a pace bowler  after a few years experience in  cricket realizes that one can get more wickets on swing rather than sheer pace, it is quality and not quantity that matters. The general truism apart, success in life comes from knowing your niche instead of  scattering your energy all over the place. If you have a kind of general purpose blog which you want to sub-categorize, I feel WordPress is a far better platform because it is administratively difficult to manage so many blogs simultaneously. That’s where “Hum ek , Humare dou” comes in because even with wordpress, it is not advisable to do more than two blogs initially at least.  Besides, WordPress has several other impressive features like automatic linking, RSS and even some kind of arrangement with Techorati, which to my mind is the best search engine for blogs. All this is a boon to beginners.

I have plenty of experience in software implementation from which I have learnt that one should not immediately switch because sometimes a new software flatters to deceive or you may goof up initially in some respect. Though WordPress is good in every respect, some of the configuration is slightly dicey initially. Blogger is kind of “first love” as far as blogging is concerned and I hate leaving the platform. At the same time, the better features at WordPress cannot be ignored. I have been wondering whether it is possible to have the cake and eat it too i.e to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds  or in this respect, remain with both. There are lots of people who have their anonymous comments switched off in blogger(as a result of which you cannot give them your wordpess link) and to remain in touch with such anonymous pals, why not stay with both? Legally, I don’t think anything is wrong with it(Hum ek humare dou again). Please comment.:-

As in the Blogosphere I try to find my feet and  hobble,

I am having trouble

Deciding whether to stay single or double

Having two platforms may enable

To go global

I don’t want to do anything illegal and wobble.

No controversies please, I am here to have fun, to babble.

The other way out is the third front like in politics which http://www.greatbong.net/  and http://www.arz000n.com/ have shown recently  by going for their own websites  but I suppose for a newbie, one has to be pretty confident of one’s writing to pull that off because in the long run, one would want the site to be self sustaining or one would be reduced to singing the greatsong “ Dil ki ye arz000n hai ke koiii advertise kare…”



  1. Hi hiren, thnx for visiting my blog… the blogs u have mentioned in ur post are even my favs!!!


  2. Hi Hiren,

    Thanks for dropping in. You write really well!!!! The laloo poem was a gem 🙂 I have decided to keep just one blog because it is less of a hassle to maintain one. So I am gonna stay single for awhile now. Keep writing!!

  3. Brilliant. But I think you are right. Archiving is in a very basic mode in Blogger. I’m a advanced user and I’m having trouble with the archiving. I can’t put specific categories of websites in one place or few interesting post shown separately in the side-bar. Sigh!

  4. Hum bhi banayenge blogua( Blog)
    Jaanenge us maadhyam se logua(log or people)
    Ke fodder scam me hum nahi the thagua(Thug)
    Hum CM nahi rahe, ee hume kya hoi gawa

    Heheehehe.. :):):)
    Blogua was funny…

    Btw, now the new trend is…

    Hum do humare zero….
    population kam karo..
    varna maro

    Good luck on your stay in Blog-o-sphere dude!!

  5. well…for me blogger’s ok, maybe because, i have fiddled with just rediffblogs before that. blogger’s better than rediff ne day. i havent had reason to try word press since blogger does provide immense options which are easily comprehendible to me, the ignoramus. 🙂 it does have rss feeds and the anonymous comments are an option which can be turned on/off depending on ones choice. and it doesnt ask for e mail ids 😀 when u comment, ie.

  6. Nice blog!

    Thy blog hath got listed on my blog.

    About WordPress, hmm… it looks good… will think about it.

  7. LOL – the laloo poem was hilarious!! Thanks for stopping by my blog too buddy – u write well – must keep a watch on your writings!!



  8. LOL , I hv been with rediff for two years, which many say (and I sort of believe it) is the most archaic and stupid blogging service – and neglected by Rediff’s own management at that!! It’s just that, how much hunger u hv for more readership! Also, quantity of blogs depends on what u hv to say – I hv a separate (active )blog for a niche audience, coz I dont want to thrust /pile my main blogger readers with my own personal devotion!

  9. I appreciate your comment and I’m glad that others out there share my view. I used to have a Xanga (which is now, for the most part, a teenage-angsty website where preteens genreally whore themselves) but afterwards I moved towards Blogger to gain some uncluttered space. I’m not computer-literate, so the features suit me fine. =)

    Drop by again soon! =]

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment. I like your poem :-).

    You may want to check out Gather.com, a very cool social networking blogging site where people share their talents with others.

  11. hey! why don’t u take up the 5-things tag?? lets see wat u have on ur list:)

  12. hey d comments are not displayin d proper time…

  13. Hey 🙂

    Thanx for stopping by

    I love blogspot !!!! ( And will not change :)))) )

    See u around soon

  14. Hello, am here after a long break. So you ditched blogger for wordpress. What happened to your other blogs, the repartee something.

    I don’t know how people manage so many blogs. I get overwhelmed only with one blog.

  15. Good idea and wonderful expression. If I may add:-

    Though I could never get you
    In my mind’s eye, I shall never miss your view.
    I will always regret that our moments were few.
    Nobody can replace you, there cannot be in-lieu
    Life has to go on; I shall have to opt for someone new.

    Kuch bhi kaho, Pehla pyaar pehla pyaar hota hai yaar.

    – first love never dies
    it lives in you
    it lives with you
    paining you
    till your death

    – this is one of my old scribbling when my friend dev anad couldnt forget his love ( love ?? may be an infactuation) over my another class mate gal while we were in my high school.

  16. Hiren,

    Thanks for dropping by, keep visiting and keep blogging 🙂

  17. hehe.. thanks for dropping by!

  18. Heh Heh..

    Am I glad that Bihar is finally free from Laloo reign! 😛

    Nice blog you got yourself here! 🙂

    Keep writing!


  19. Hi,
    gud visiting ur blg.

    al d best 4 ur blog career :))

  20. Hey,

    I thought about having another blog but it takes too much time, especially if you intend to reply to comments too. And there are already too many blogs floating around!! I donot want to add to the clutter. For now I am singel…


  21. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! You have an interesting writing style…later,

  22. Thanks for commenting and I shall be back here soon.

  23. hi!

    sometimes i find it difficult to update the one blog i keep. 2 or 3 or 9??

    lol. salute to those who do!

  24. LOL..that was a whacky post….!!

  25. Yes! And, babbling is a lot of fun!

  26. Hi Hiren,
    Thanks for dropping in on my blog. U’ve got a gr8 blog too!!

  27. Hiya, really nice post 🙂 I think we all love z00nie, I’m gonna check the other one out too 🙂

    P.S. You don’t write like a new kid on the blo(ck)g 🙂

  28. well written n is good source for someone new to this world…. quite a nice way to put up the things….

  29. excellent poems, both! am still giggling from the laloo one.
    as for numbers of blogs, depends on the amount and pressure of your creative juices; do more blogs if you need more channels for yours.
    but mere se ek to sambhalta hai nahin, do kisliye banau? wo wala hisaab hai.

  30. nice read…. LOL
    hey thanks for droppin in …
    keep visiting

  31. Agree. Its very true that Blogger is kinda first love. And it also difficult to change the platform once you settle in.

  32. Uh huh. Right.

  33. Being new to blogs, I was unaware of blogiquette. Replies to the first 10

    @shantanu-Common Interest
    @silverline-I like your writing too.
    @argorn Archiving is indeed an headache in blogger
    @arzoon Blogua was indeed funny
    @poison WordPress has better facilities
    @Altantean- Thank you. Don’t think. Act
    @Suyog. Thanks. Keep in touch
    @Deepak Rediff is no comparison
    @Bliss- WordPress will give you further bliss
    @Helen- Thanks for the link

  34. Replies to nos 11 to 20
    @yashita Sorry but tags do not excite me
    @Deepa Your wish
    @Satya All my blogs are at wordpress
    @Vaishnav- Treat is as “Raat Gayi Baat gayi
    @Sangeeta- Thanks. Same to you
    @Nirwa- I am glad for Bihar too
    @Shreedhar- Same to you
    @confused- you are not at all confused
    @Rupen- Thanks. Catch you later
    @Dreamchatcher- Catching you again would be a dream

  35. From 21 to 32

    @sfo-Better to stick to one then
    @Kannan- Whacky indeed. Thanks
    @Rohit- Right Rohit
    @Shubam- Thanks, I shall drop by again
    @Nessa- Thanks for the compliment. Hope I am consistent
    @Manish- Thanks a lot again
    @wendigo- I also regret having two at times
    @Ajay- Thanks
    @PAresh- Change is the only constant in life
    @Pi- Right.Hope you still have the same formula.

  36. hey man thanks for dropping by…. your poem-when-your-husband-goes-abroad hilarious man!


  37. Hey Hiren, Thanks for trippin’ over.

    You have a slick blog, I must say!

    Keep it rolling!



  38. That was informative thanks. Maintaining one blog is bad enough for me, given that I’m not quite the prolific writer. Blogger is all I have used, and it hasn’t given me any problems thus far.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  39. LOL @ Laloo’s response to blogs.
    The return of Saurav Ganguly is funny too. 🙂

  40. ooo well written mister! =)

    ps: and thanx for visiting my blog.

  41. hi.. thanks for dropping by, well writing one blog is already turning difficult for me, can’t even dare thing of a second one 🙂

  42. thanks for dropping by on my photoblog.
    too lazy to log in using my blogger name Abhilash

  43. hello
    -eren l love you

  44. hello

    🙂 eren I love you :)sedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  45. ıch liebe dich eren

  46. eren ı love you

  47. :d :d :d :d :d 😀 😀 D: D:

  48. Nice post ..enjoyed reading 🙂

    somehow i m really fond of this kind of witty write up:)

  49. Jeckwa aur Jillwa
    Gaye oopar hillwa
    Pani bhari kay vaaastey
    Jeckwa gir gaya
    Uka khopdi phat gaya
    Aur Jillwa aawat ludhkan poora raastey.

    second one

    Jack 7 Jill went up the hill to get a pail of water,
    Jack got high, pulled down his fly & now they have a daugther.

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