“Hum aapke hain Kaun?”, Mr Bill Clinton?

February 24, 2006

On 21/2/2006, the Times of India displayed a photograph  of former American President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary in Indian wedding clothes. They make an impressive sight and the former President even declares that he would wish the same kind of wedding for his daughter.He further said that he kept coming back to India because he loved India.

This is addressed to Mr Clinton and other American Presidents in general:-

Since you have mentioned our weddings so specifically, Mr President, I would apprise you of a movie that I had seen a few years ago. The name of the movie was “Hum aapke hain kaun” where perhaps for the first time , the Indian wedding was shown in full swing and splendor on the silver screen. It became the biggest commercial success of all time became a precedent for a spate of such movies . The word “Hum aapke hain kaun” literally means “ How are we related to you?’ .

Looking at the American foreign policy, it  puts things in a very interesting perspective. It’s common knowledge the world over that the United states follows the policy of  “short term gain long term pain “ in blindly following its “interests”. A small extract on Oscar movies from  the latest post of  my friend , http://oream.blogspot.com/


The brutal murder of more than a hundred thousand Iraqis and two thousand plus American soldiers in the invasion of Iraq sent shockwaves through the world – and captured the attention of an author named William Blum.The movie covers his journey to create a bestseller ROGUE STATE: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower. Through his extensive research, Blum compiles a detailed list of US governments involvement since WWII in torturing, kidnapping, harboring terrorists, using chemical and biological weapons and utilizing many other lovely foreign policy tools. The book got a recommendation from the most wanted and homicidal of terrorists, Ossama Bin Laden. (I am not kidding!)”

One comes across so many articles which state that the attitude of the Western world changed towards India and the third world only after they themselves experienced terrorism on 9/11 and the London bomb blasts. Does it take catastrophes for you to empathize with us?, Doesn’t it reflect poorly on the human race in general? Considering the recent cartoon controversy which has aroused worldwide resentment, one really wonders how much revulsion  the Iraq war must have caused and what are its long term consequences Ponder again “Hum Aapke hain kaun?”  I remember reading in a magazine before the war started  that  the Iraq war had the potential of creating more terrorists and more 9/11s.  In the same magazine, I remember reading that though the United states was perceived as a bully boy in third world countries, the serial “friends “ is very popular in Pakistan of all places. That apart the American culture is aped the world over. It’s a great pity that despite having the right weapons in abundance, you tend to choose the wrong ones. Ponder again “Hum aapke hain kaun?”.Just as you have mentioned your fondness for Indian marriages, the romance for an average English educated child in India with the United  States begins at the age of around 10-12 when he begins to read Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew or the Archie comics before graduating to better stuff( In my case, some great management literature). Considering that you and and we are the world’s oldest and the world’s largest democracies having the largest speaking English populations, we should have been the greatest of friends and the words “Hum aapke hain kaun” should have had no significance even during the cold war. That  is long over and why start similar wars by pursuing such policies and create further cold wars. Iraq is a case in point.I have come across so many Americans who are opposed to the war.  I hope that all the Presidents who form policy in the future have this question on their heads “ Hum aapke hain kaun”. .In a lighter vein, let me conclude:- Poem begins:-  Mr Clinton for us it is a matter of pride. That  your daughter you would want to wed like an Indian bride Why follow policies that most people in the world deride?Why try to take the rest of the world for a ride ? Instead of perusing policies from which you may have to hide The most powerful nation could proudly assume a different stride We too are proud that you have been so enamored of an Indian marriage.Why follow policies that arouse the world’s outrage Its high time American foreign policy comes of age The mood of the people all over is not something that powerful satellites can gauge. Use empathy and Spiritual  leadership, many a great leader have had flashes of a sage. American presidents have been charming, wars they don’t have to wage Poem ends Then instead of your saying “Monica, Oh my darling”(old hindi movie song), the whole world may say “America, Oh my Darling” . 



  1. good post. I enjoyed reading it. and do you wan me to believe you are Frivolous poet. if you wan me to believe okie i believe but you are not what you claim to be. you are good in writting and frankly speaking i just scribble and i know nothing on poetry

  2. Dude,

    You need to do a bit of catching up with history. During the cold war India opposed US more times in UN than even the Soviets did!! Then how do you expect the americans to be friendly to India?

    9/11 happened before Iraq war though by itself though it does not make Iraq war justifiable….

    And since did being guided by self interests become a bad thing? If we have done that w would have been far better off…..

    No offense man.

  3. I think Amreeka is doing nothing wrong. They are doing everything for their own countrymen. Now its India that shud look towards its policies. Amreekan policies are built around OIL and everything else that is crucial for their survival in future. Dont blame Amreeka. India must work on its policies carefull and must not get “Bhramit” with these “I like India” dialogues.

  4. haha funny …but I agree with confused. Doesn’t seem confused to me. Self-interest is the basic principle of Politics. I would want, wish, hope and pray that our politicians are like that.

  5. Sort of agree with both Hiren and ‘Confused’ – after all, its only indulging in some good wishful thinking. But ‘Confused’ from what i gathered from that 9/11 sentence on the post, I dont think the quote (or Hiren) is trying to say that this gruesome incident happened after Iraq War. What I understood it is, that the war can create more such incidents in future. It could be right or wrong. Dunno about that!

    Anyways, Hiren a good piece, combines sth very unusual and unrelated in a neat manner…

    Nothing much to add – perhaps I should get DVD of HAHK again – ages sinces I saw it – and I love the film and its songs 🙂

  6. Truly said. The USA doesn’t really have to do much selling of its image. It’s already bought into. What they have to be careful about is not tarnishing it by playing big brother at every juncture in international politics.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. not long ago i read a rather interesting piece abt how americans feel abt indian muslims… it said yankees are more comforatble with theindians than with anyother asian muslims cos they feel indians are least scary…. :))

    wonder what is the yard stick for being scary and being not so scary…?

    nice post hiren.

  8. Hmmm… nice poetry again… I agree with you that America, with its power, can act or be like a friend to everyone instead of being the big bully of international politics.

    But Hiren, ours is a very new democracy. Cant compare the age of our democracy with any of the western democracies.

  9. @Vaishnav – Thanks
    @confused,Deepa- I never said that pursuing one’s interest was wrong. But to go to the extent of disregarding the united nations, invading a foreign country, losing human lives and thousands and last but not the least, the weapons of mass destruction not found is clearly crossing the lakshman rekha.
    @kumar-If supposing yours was among the affected families in Iraq or a soldiers family in the US, would you still say all this is justified for oil?
    @Deepak- I have read in international magazines that such wars can lead to more 9/11 and HAHK was great all right
    @I, me and my- Correct
    @lash- I agree
    @Atlantean- The age of democracies is not relevant in this context. Something like the Iraq war should never have happened.

  10. Liked reading this piece Hiren!

    Keep writing. 🙂

  11. I think that America has always had vested interests when it comes to their foreign policy. Bush has said on more than one occasion,that in future US is going to face stiff competition from India & China alone and pushing US goods into India where it has a greater market esp. the Indian middle class is going to be the way forward. “If you can’t beat ’em, sell it to them!” 😉
    Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog…

  12. u r absolutely rt…..these USA with its resources can do so much for the world but unfortunately the policymakers have taken it to a path which only promises death n destruction………its indeed surprising y have they choosen this path………nice post

  13. Once India needed the West. Even when we were close to USSR, all our trade and educational links were with the West. Today, developed countries like the US, need India as much we need them. We need to realise this. Secondly, the days of America’s unquestioned superiority in the comity of nations is almost over, if not already. Something similar to what Great Britain went through with decolonisation.

  14. hii
    thanks for dropping by my blog..
    first time here
    nice post

    like the way u have corelated the shaadi thing to such a serious issue 🙂
    shaadi is also serious agreed 🙂

    nice one
    keep writing

    Cheers 🙂

  15. Hi Hiren. You blog is veryy intersting. Nice to read that former American President Bill Clinton like the Indian type wedding for his daughter. Thanks for comenting on my Blog.:)

  16. Hiren, your post is funny, was a lot of fun reading.

    But to be honest, the American liberal-Democrat-left of center person has little or no influence on American policy. And Bill Clinton, with his presidency besmirched by Monicagate, is not really taken that seriously. It seems to me as if he’s the kind of token Democrat George Bush likes to trot out when they need to project a bipartisan image at a photo-op. Very similar to what happens in our motherland, eh?

  17. Hiren,

    Hillarious but equally poking post.
    Hum aap ke hai kaun..too good title..well coined!

  18. Great Post Hiren.

  19. ha ha!!

    gud post 🙂

    may be clinton wants an indian son in law 😉
    y dun u try???

  20. I would never offend any country trying to defend themselves. India claiming to be democratic and vast in size and population and even in knowledge can do wonders what America cant do. I still appreciate India for their strength in fighting against US in not supporting the views on the claims that US make on Islamic countries. At the same time its tough time for India to get a seat in UN with opposing US (just being a mass country) and at the same time China supporting India to get a seat in UN (suspicious thought). Man pure politics. Indians are good at bad politics. Just one thought and one right path will take India to glory. Then no questions of “Hum Aapke Hein kaun” all will be “Hum saath saath hain”

  21. Hmm… Interesting. Intersting. Good post btw, but I doubt the attention that India is receiving from ‘ The Western World’s ‘ has much do with post 11/9. Its simple business interests: nothing more, nothing less.

    We’ve got 140 billion of their american dollars with us…. we’re growing faster than them, we import the works from all over, we service most of their key businesses. Its but natural.

    I would rather suggest that Indian home affairs and foreign policy standand tall and independent. Indifferent to Bush, Blair, and Bush. Wishfull thinking aite ?

    Think about it, how come Bush doesn’t ask China to convert to a democracy ? Indian FP has minced its words too often. Thats the crux of the issue.

    thanks for stopping bye.

  22. Hey Hiren,
    Have to agree on the Iraq issue. That never should have happened. But America is the self confessed big bully and thats the way its gonna be, at least for some time. India and most of the world unfortunately, are pro-US, and bend over backwards trying to please the white masters. Thats the reason they’re still on top. 😦

  23. Hi Hiren,
    the only reason Mr. and Mrs. Clinton came to wedding of the son of just another multimillionaire is CAMPAIGN CASH. I repeat, campaign donations. All politics is local, man. Hillary is up for reelection for her senate seatthis year. It takes over 20 million bucks to wage a descent senate battle in new york. And she has higher ambitions. She has vowed to raise over 100 million, a record breaking sum to decimate other opponents in his party primary and general election, should she decide to run for the president in 2008.

    Bill clinton is running his own organization and he also needs cash to run his presidential library in back home Arkansas. Need I say more.

    @Prem: Man, you need to seriously update your perceprion abour american politics.

    Anyway, I saw the pic too in TOI. Thanks Hiren for discussing the topic. Liked your pount of view. Though I didn’t buy the whole thing. Good post, anyway.

  24. Hiren, Indian culture is always fascinating. Those US guys never would have enjoyed get-together occasion these much. hv you seen Bharat shah’s daughter wedding? thats was a great show in the past…

    I am in opposite side of yu when discussing about US actions against terrorism means i always support it. If terrorist goes in a wild way, we should also choose offensive way to kill them. No non-violence these days…

  25. Hiren,
    first time on dis wordpress blog…i’ve gone to ur blogspot blog a couple of times….
    and dis is a wonderful post…
    btw..gud to see u on moi blog..and i responde to your comment..and i placed some varions about the quote u mentioned…

  26. Hey,Hiren good stuff u’ve here on ur blog..my 1st vist 2 ur blog…keep it rolling

  27. This was great reading 🙂

  28. Hiren,
    I was here again..just to bring to your notice that..I’ve made an interpretation for the quote you mentioned..just run to moi blog and find some variations of the quote…
    thank you

  29. So, we meet again! I relly need to know this, how do you write so verywell. Seriously, you language has flair, style, and substantial thought.

  30. Hi Hiren
    I wonder how Indian media is crying hoarse on Clinton’s quotes on any marriage.And I wonder at the sufficiency of Indian films to express so much on the present political scenario…:).
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting there.

  31. Hiren, Thanks for stopping at my blog. You asked ‘hum aapke hain kaun’ the answer is ‘Main hoon don’. That’s the thing they just praise in front of person where they see something good for themself and for the country. Actually if you see there is nothing wrong, everybody does behave that way no mater country or human. Bully by nature do so many things which they are not supposed to do. No offense to anyone but terrorist captured Air India plane and took to Taliban, instead of ‘let terrorist go’ they too can send army to Taliban. Who in the world can oppose a country to defend themself and her countrymen. Instead of asking ‘hum aapke hain kaun’ I would prefere to say ‘Tu sher mai sawa sher’ but before saying this India should start developing their guts.

  32. Really enjoyed your poem.

  33. @Jeevan – Thanks
    @Shiv – Thanks
    @Greensatya – Thanks
    @Javed – Could not agree with you more
    @jackal – I agree with you
    @Pradeep nair – You are right
    @Pram- A former president of United states will always be taken somewhat seriously
    @Sridhar- I don’t mind trying

  34. @Nandini- Hum sath sath hain is correct
    @Azad-not wisfhful thinking entirely
    @dev, self confessed bully yead
    @aragron- Thanks for enlightening
    @Sattu- Then the US should go after Pakistan
    @Gangadhar- All right, Gangadhar
    @Ajit- Thanks
    @Nessa- Thanks
    @Gangadhar- See you soon
    @Rupen- Thanks

  35. LOL @ “Monica, Oh my darling”(old hindi movie song), the whole world may say “America, Oh my Darling”

  36. nicely potrayed the picture of US n India…. u were very true in that an english educated child starts lovin America at an age of 10-12… but yes sometimes the things change…. ppl knw US is wrong but they dont have the guts to say so, as one who has got power wields the sword…
    nice musing over the thing
    Keep writin

  37. My my…. i would be laughing at the cornor of my seat the day this happens

  38. As long as a country is run as a business, there will be vested interests.

    I am not really concerned abt the US. Such a superpower do not really care abt other countries. As a result, if changes are needed, they ll have to be initiated by the americans themselves. Not my business…

    Do Clinton/the US care abt India? I would guess they dont. And India, what is India for them? A new country to exploit? A destination for outsourcing? An exotic place for their next vacation (Hilton, no slums, no poverty for them)?

    True, India benefits from special diaspora linkages with the US due to the high amount of indian engineers in the Silicon Valley… True, the US might sometimes be a bit affraid by the new emergencent countries.

    But they think, they believe, they are confident that their country is the best in the world! We are insignificant.

    I spent one year in an american high school. I ll always remember an american student asking me: ‘if the US attacks Europe, on which side would you be’. This is what I would call overconfidence…

    India, show them what u r worth!

  39. yeah..very true man..
    These american bigots wax eloquent about our culture and talent pool..and we have politican who think these words are music to their ears..sad story!!!

  40. i love it it’s a cute movie really like the rishta of devvar and bhabi

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