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Playing other Games, O Desi James. Who would not wish to play the International Krrish?

June 29, 2006

Reel life- Hrithik Roshan is perhaps the only hero among his contemporaries qualified to play James Bond even in English movies. The looks, the physique and the versatility that he so often displays on screen is mind boggling. I could not help commenting while watching Krrish ” Priyanka Chopra does not match up to him. He seems to be too good for her”. Pat came the reply from my wife ,” He seems to be too good for anybody , my dear. Nobody can match him. Everything apart, he seems a nice and sincere guy both on and off screen.” That is not too off the mark.

Krrish was not a bad attempt at a first time superman stuff though I wish the footage given to the stunts could have been much more than what was given. I think some of the conventional stuff shown in normal hindi movies (Song and dance for instance) could be sacrificed for more footage on stunts. Rakesh Roshan should have followed Ram Gopal Verma’s policy. I enjoyed “Koi mil gaya” more ( It had two Jadus( The evercute Preetie Zinta being the other one). Krrish somehow did not measure up to expectations but was good nevertheless. The scenes on nature in the first half were as good as Hrithik himself or shall we say vice- versa. Talking of nature, let’s see what Hrithik has to say in real life.

Real life -A few days ago, there was an article in the Delhi times called “Singapore helped me connect to myself” in which Hrithik says, ” You are taken in by the sheer beauty of Singapore. Beauty in nature resonates with something inside you. When you see something very beautiful, your soul connects with it and you feel bonded with your inner self. It is like nature’s beauty dissolves that inner labelling that we are all conditioned to give to everything we see.” Coming from Hrithik, this should be straight from the heart though I beg to differ on one point- from nature’s perspective, the first half was far more lovely than Singapore can ever be. Each to his own, I guess.

In the recent filmfare issue where he is on the front cover, Hrithik Roshan has this to say ,” When I started watching and analyzing what I was doing, I became more aware. I understand how much role ego plays in every single aspect of our lives. Just being able to understand that kills the ego to a great extent. Today, I understand the effects of an egoistic mind and I am decoding it. Ego sucks you deeper into a mess. There never is a point that you can identify as 100 percent happiness. I try to juggle the successes and failures with a sense of detachment.”

Hrithik is echoing the words of the reknowed Intellecual J.Krinamurthy who said ,” The word is not the thing. One can be completely  free of conditioning by observing every thought, feeling and action  from moment to moment as it arises. Giving labels to feelings creates or rewrites memory and creates a duel identity- the observer and the observed. Mind, memory or the consciousness are nothing but a conditioning of the past – thought being a reaction which strenghtens the ego centre. ” . It is heartening to read a hindi movie actor talk like this. I thought Amir Khan was the only intellectual among the current crop of actors. What a revealation. This is perhaps what keeps Hrithik ” Nice and sincere ” on and off the screen. The name “Roshan” stands for light and in that context, the word is the thing- Hrithik sounds enlightening.

It would not be out of place to mention here that the stress filled 21 st century shall require a spiritual James bond when perhaps for the first time the forces of applied spirituality shall be forced to match up to the forces of applied science. Krishmamurthy too talked of an astute mind and a pliable heart which only Mr Bond can possess- spiritual or otherwise.

In a lighter vien, spirituality be damned. If I had even half the assets of Hrithik, it would have been too tempting not to follow a different course of action. Should I rewrite “Playing other Games, O Desi James. Why not pursue  dames(desi and otherwise) rather than the boring talk of  labelling names.”