Poem-Appeal to the Indian cricket team for the world cup

March 13, 2007

This poem is a variation of the poem that I wrote earlier when India reached the finals of the world cup’2003. Since that was unbearably long, I have kept this simple and short.


In cricket, what better achievement can be other than winning the world cup
It being a religion in India, it shall be a national thumbs up

Before the memory of our victory in1983 permanently fades
We have t the opportunity to repeat the feat after more than two decades.

One cannot but help feel a little nostalgic,
It would be really tragic if you are not able to repeat the 1983 world cup magic

That particular world cup had bequeathed on us Indians a legacy
We have again got a chance to show that for us , winning it is no longer just a fantasy.

It does not matter that the Australians are the current world Champions
You have already shown , Rahul what you can do with your companions.

In fact, it seems that on your current form,
It would be a travesty of fate if in the world cup you don’t perform.

Whether it is the recent tournaments at home or the victory against the West Indies
The world cup has nor room for complacency, let it not put you at ease.

Unlike some countries which acquire a stray nuke
We have to show to the world that 1983 was no fluke

There is no better way to show your resilience
Then to break the two decade long silence

After a gap of twenty years.
You are once again the object of the nation’s eyes and ears
The whole country is ready to shed happy tears.

Whether in prose or poetry , let it be said aloud.
By winning the world cup, you shall be making the whole country proud.

For you and some colleagues,Rahul this world cup maybe your last
Please ensure that memories also last.



  1. Yes, let’s hope we win the cup.

  2. I am a blot on the nation – I hate cricket. Nice poem btw

  3. Hiren,
    I am no good in poetry like you. Still I have put my comments in a poetry form.
    Winning world cup this time would have been a great honour,
    Alas! Rahul and his boys have already committed blunder.
    Sponsors, endorsements, betting spoilt the game long back,
    Pity those millions glued to television for hours without work.

  4. I agree with Rama. I am no big fan of the game but I do know one thing. I wouldn’t feel bad about India not winning the World Cup provided the team does its best in all matches.

  5. Looks like Indian team didn’t read your poems and words of other billion people..

    Now do we need to write obituary??

  6. Hi ,
    Well, great poetry..but then indian team is back…
    Hope the magic of 1983 will surely be created next time…

  7. 😦 Is there any need to say something more about this game?

  8. Sad, that your poem and prose didn`t prove good enough for the Indian Team..! Hmm Perhaps next time..

  9. I think you did a excellent job in writing the poem. I am a great fan of cricket. I am indian. I want india to win.

  10. amazing!!!!iluv it!!!

  11. amazing

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