About Stray Thoughts and me

Though formally qualified in management, by spontaneous inclination I am a writer and a poet, a fact which I hope reflects in my posts. Some stray thoughts got official recognition and are given in the links below for those willing to go astray. Others can proceed to the latest post by clicking under Recent posts at the sidebar on the right.

Any thought can arise in the mind-either originally or in response to an outside stimuli. Sometimes they have a snow balling effect and sometimes they wither away like witnessing in meditation. Stray thoughts responses to diverse thoughts and situations-in prose and sometimes poetry.

Whether it is poetry or prose,

A stray thought is like a blossoming rose,

Ideas have multiplied from one stray thought that arose,

Sometimes they are funny, sometimes morose

Links of published works:-
Article on Lateral thinking published in life positive magazine in August’2001  

.Article on spiritual trading exploring the synergy between spirituality and the stockmarket in the Eternal solutions in October’2005 

Poem “Legacy of September’11-2001 at www.poetseers.org

Poem Cricket and Mandira Blues at www.Sulkekha.com

Links to other published works are mentioned on my other blog- Make your passion your profession

My website- Hiren Shah


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