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Are bloggers failed writers and half-wits or for professional journalism, is this the pits?

October 3, 2006

Today(10/3,2006), under the heading “Failed writers and half-wits populate the blogoshpere“, Shobhan Saxena has many disparaging things to write about bloggers in “The Times of India ” :-

Net result:Failed writers and half wits populate the blogosphere

It is surprising that there is not one positive thing mentioned about bloggers or the blogosphere( Extracts from the article in Italics).:-

“Everyone has the right to express an opinion but a lot of people confuse it with meaningless fuming and ranting. Everyone has the right to be stupid but some people abuse the privilege”

I am no professional writer but having written sporadically for The Times of India(seven small write-ups; coincidentally one is under “Mind,body,spirit and you ” today itself)and a couple of reputed magazines(four write-ups), I have to concede that when you work with professionals, it improves your focus tremendously and enables you to separate the wheat from the chaff in content. I am grateful to all my Journalist gurus for that more than anything else. However, to consider focus more important than the ideas is clearly putting the cart before the horse;what are you going to focus if the ideas iself are not there and ideas come from the unconscious mind- nobody has patent rights on them. In this context, being formally qualified can actually be a liability because it builds up the ego which is the biggest impediment to cretative ideas.

What I feel is that a professional should be circumspect in using certain words and adjectives( like “stupid” above) with amateurs in particular. Sometimes I feel that that the article written by Saxena is the kind of article I used to write before I interacted with journalist professionals(my association with all of them has been pleasent) – a one sided diatribe without perspective with expressions beginning with the title itself best avoided .

The whole tenor of the article is such that one wonders at the motives behind using certain expressions and statements such as :-

” A lot of people are sick of being nobody. A lot of people’s lives have been reduced to inconsequential chatter with inconsequential friends. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions and their lives are a second hand mimicry of others’ lives.”

This could be true to a significant extent but “inconsequential friends” is a highly objectionable expression because no human being is inconsequential. Some bloggers may have opinions that are more insightful if not original than that of a journalist and some of them may have genuine first hand experiences to share from their own lives which maybe far more interesting at times than what a journo has to say. There is no point writing about “inconsequential chatter “ but psychiatrists advocate social outlets as a means of overcoming mental and emotional problems and blogging serves as a good one. In fact writing is viewed as a kind of catharsis in that context.

Some months ago, on my other blog, I had spoken about the urge to write as a genuine need for some people- While stating that some famous writers-Horis-karl Huysmans, Henry Miller , Herman Melville, Sir Arthur Conann Doyle, Anthony Trollope ,Anton Chekov , Somerset Maugham all lived dual lives(as writers and their other occupation) , this post gives Indian examples of people from different occupations who were very keen to write. One person explains that “It is not so much about the inner need to be a writer as an inner need to write.” Every journalist may not become a good writer or vice-versa but if people from other occupations can succeed as writers, there is no reason why some can’t succeed as Journalists as well.:-

Schizophrenic existence of budding writers.

That apart there is a saying, “ I write to know what I think”. The so called inconsequential chatter becomes very consequential when one starts writing and exchanges views. Writing is actually a very good way to clarify your thoughts and even be centered..

There is then no justification for making statements in the article like:-

They think they have something to say. They want to be read and heard and seen”.

Some of them may actually have something to say. There is nothing wrong in being wanting to be heard and seen if you have the talent for it. One of India’s foremost filmstars said in an interview ” It takes a show off to be a show on”. I read about one writer who used to sing and dance on the roof to attract attnetion;what could he do? There was no blogging in his time. Isn’t blogging one of the most powerful means of self expression? During my nomadic excursions through the blogosphere, the creativity that I have come across at times is mind boggling. For instance, some of the cooking blogs- the pictures and the content is so good that this seems nothing but a labor of love since they are not being paid for it. They appear like professional cooking websites rather than personal blogs.

What are programs like “Nach Baliye” and “Indian idols” or for that matter “Laughter Challenge” doing? There are several sides to a human being’s personality and the chupa rustams(latent talent) in them comes out only when there is a transparent platform. One of the judges in the musical show “Indian Idols” wrote in an article how much new talent was emerging and how it was giving the established singers a run for their money. Similarly, blogging is a transparent platform for writers and it is only a matter of time before the hidden “Khushwant Singhs and Shobha Des” emerge. Why should they not be seen and heard.?

Digressing a little, I would like to say that excellence in any field does not necessarily have to be a corollary of formal qualifications. Neither Amitabh Bachchan nor Rajnikanth are formally trained actors but have been long enduring superstars. Dhirubhai Ambani was not a naturally trained lateral thinker(to the best of my knowledge) but his out of the box thinking was brilliant. Japan, as a country did not have a formal business school for a long time but during that period, that tiny country gave the Americans a run for their money. In the recent Movie “Krishh”, Naseeruddin Shah while complimenting Hrithik Roshan’s abilities tells him ” Others are trained but you are gifted” Therefore a gifted writer though not formally qualified maybe more than match for a journalist where sheer writing skill is concerned.

Elsewhere, it is written that “it looks like the revenge of the amateur who dreams of becoming a professional. And that’s a cause for concern”. At another place it is given ;” The pace at which the blogoshpere is getting cramped with half wits, religious maniacs, failed writers, sociopaths and cold blooded killers is scary” . I feel that this is a one sided view. One wonders whether the people described above are the rule or the exception. Is that scary or is something else scary?

Why should “dreaming of being a professional” be a cause for concern? It happens in the management world all the time. If a company in the unorganized sector like Nirma can take on a giant like Hindustan lever, what is so sacrosanct about Journalism? Management history is replete with stories of how lean and mean small companies(mouse) gave the established companies(Elephants) a run for their money. It seems more of a nightmare for the professionals – a fear of competition from unknown quarters.

Some formally qualified journalists may have the natural ability to excel in other fields as well and similarly some people in other fields maybe more gifted writers. To throw light exclusively on the negatives in the blogoshpere is an article without perspective in my view.

The expression “failed writers” or “Nobody” can be quite deceptive. The renkowned Hindi writer, Muinshi Premchand and even the great Shakespeare got posthumous recognition years after they died. Were they failed writers or the audience failed to give them their due? Who knows what could have happened had blogging been around to showcase their skills? Why discourage budding Sakespeares and Premchands with such articles ? Talking of commercial success, Govinda maybe far more commercially successful than a Naseerudin Shah but it is the latter who is deemed brilliant. Who decides success or failure and on what criteria?

“Their(bloggers) aspirations are blocked by the obnoxious monster called the editor and their high voltage facts mixed with slam dunk fiction with a lot of typos and commas and semi-colons in the wrong places, go down a drain called the editorial process”.

One cannot deny the importance of the right punctuation but the most important thing in writing is creative ideas and expression and to give undue importance to commas and full stops would be missing the wood for the trees The book literary humor puts things in the right perspective ,”Commas and full stops are a convenience rather than an integral part of the language; its nuts and bolts rather than girders. Some very eminent writers have been careless in this respect- Somerset Maugham could not handle commas, Jane Austen got her quotation marks in a twist; Geroge Orwell hated semicolons so much that he wrote an entire novel without any. Gertrude Stein ignored punctuation. ”

Similarly, the book states that many writers of the most elegant prose have been shoddy spellers- John Cheever, Ezra Pound, Scott Fitzgerald etc. I am not suggesting that this is excusable but more emphasis should be on expressive ability which comes from the depths of the soul:-

“Of all the arts in which the wise excel, Nature’s chief masterpiece is writing well”

In the book “Editors on editing”, eminent editor David Davidar says ” The writer is the artist and editor the craftsman; the editor must never lose sight of this fact.” Elsewhere, it is given that “Editors must reconcile themselves to anonymity, no matter how great their contribution to a text.” This clearly puts the relationship in proper perspective. The blogosphere may have good writers all of whom need not go down the drain. On the other hand, many successful editors may have “gone down the drain” in the writing process or maybe some excelled at both. George Bernard shaw said once “Those who can, do. else they teach.” It was further expounded by Steve Norbdy :-

Those who can do.
Those who can’t teach.
Those who can’t teach train teachers.
Those who can’t train teachers write teacher training textbooks..

Some editors may not be good writers but very good editors. Why give over importance to the editorial process? Sometimes, a free for all write up can be more charming and cute like the raw talent of a natural cricketer like Mahendra singh Dhoni for instance.

“Blogs are an online stream of consciousness written by people who believe that they are under orders form someone to change the world”. Blogging and websites are the only mass communication tools directly in the hands of the individual. Some of the greatest leaders in history like Lenin for instance orchestrated their movements from abroad. Gandhiji in his autobiography expresses surprise at being so popular in India for the work that he did in South Africa. Had blogging been around at that time, it would definitely have facilitated their work. Ghandhiji was a lawyer but has been described as modern India’s greatest writer and editor in “Editors on Editing” and complimented on his mass communication skills by no less a man than Alyque Padamsee, former chairman of Lintas. Who knows what else he could have achieved with a mass media tool like blogging directly under his control?

“Bloggers claim in their hifalutin tones that they want to give a voice to the voiceless and replace the papers with their journalism. It sounds good but look at the way they are doing it. Their vision is apocalyptic and their language is acidic. “ This maybe true in some cases but all bloggers are not like that. Newspapers have been an enduring institution and even satellite television has not been able to replace them. Why be vary of the poor little blogger? Some elements from the media have been criticized for sensationalization but that does not imply that the entire mainstream media is irresponsible.

In my view, bloggers and the mainstream media can share a symbiotic relationship in the spirit of you scratch my back and I scratch yours but not in a derogatory sense. In his book “Differentiate or Die”, the author Jack Trout states how essential it is for every established brand to continue to differentiate itself. National and international issues are well reported and hotly debated and there is not much scope of differentiation there. In a country like India where the judicial system is perceived as “ineffective”, local issues being highlighted can go a long way in helping the affected party( the way it helped Jesicca lall) and also help the mainstream media differentiate itself which is where bloggers come in as the media cannot reach everywhere.

This reminds me of a scene from the famous “Yeh Dosti” song from movie “Sholay” where the side car attached to the motorcycle separates from the main body and then after straying in the wilderness merges with the main body on the main road.There maybe separate actions(bloggers and journalists) on certain issues , go it alone on certain issues and even joint action on certain issues. This may seem far fetched now just as a 24 hour news channel was deemed ridiculous when first introduced Who knows how a medium may evolve in the future? Some professional journalists have spoken in favor of “citizen journalism”. The journalist gives news( at most times), the blogger gives views. Where is the conflict?

Even the song itself is not exactly a misplaced expression of what the relationship between bloggers and Journalists could be:-

The article states correctly that Learning and mastering good journalism is tough. You learn it is libraries, on flooded streets, in front of a rioting mob, in the middle of ceasefire between the milita and the military,in war trenches, in the corridors of power and in the hamlets of deprivation. Sometimes, a reporter walks for miles in an area ravaged by a tsunami to get one quote from the man hanging on to a tree for a week. “ This is wonderfully written and very correct and Journalists and Journalism should be respected for that but then the Journalist should also respect bloggers right to self expression instead of only being highly and blindly critical. It would not be out of place to mention here that Journalism is no rocket science, impregnable to outside perspectives.

The article continues ,”Bloggers don’t worry about such inane things. They can learn history and politics from google. They can get their facts from newspapers and slam them with their half baked opinions”

That is exactly what I am doing at the moment but whether the opinions are half baked or not again is a matter of opinion. Everybody does not have to have hands-on experience. Some people do well as financial investors. Can you tell them ” You must run companies and not merely invest in them”

Rather than use such expressions, Journalists should look at bloggers with a big brotherly attitude. Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has given a lot of credit for his success to encouragement by his elder brother,Ajit when he started playing cricket. Looking at the results, we hardly have much to complain out. To only see the negative side of a little brother is not correct- Shobhan, yeh aapko shobha nahin deta.

Now a giggly little, sweet little, little baby brother will only use google because he can hardly be expected to face the challanges faced by a formally trained big brother. Just the way the cute antics of an innocent child or the high sounding words of a management trainee(Fresh MBA) amuse , journalists as big brothers could pull the cheeks of us tiny little fellas and say “Kuchi kuchi koo” or “Gili gli gili” instead of some of the condescending, reprimanding and nagging wife kind of expressions used in the article.


Should we not try to redress a Gravewrong the way we admire Greatbong?

August 5, 2006

It has been more than a year  since I started blogging and I can say without any hesitation that is my favorite blogger(read writer)Whatever be the issue, he never ceases to amuse and amaze with his inimitable style and dexterity with words. His post, “A letter from Andaman Cellular”( is the best post I have come across so far.

Recently somebody told me that in India, only Khushwant Singh has been able to make a full time living as a writer which also corroborates the views of Shashi Tharoor, India’s representative at the United nations and an eminent novelist who stated frankly that “The full time writer is a rare breed anywhere”.

Hope Greatbong breaks the commercial blogging barrier in India if it ever happens. As far as I am concerned, like his recent post ,”Ek se bad kar do, do se bad kar teen”( , his posts too are “Ek se bad kar ek” and I am an unabashed fan of his.

Though I cannot be amusing like him, there are certain hard facts that I find far from amusing. Recently, there was this case of the wrong leg being amputated in Rajasthan. The concerned doctor was rightfully rebuked by both the public and the media. The issue, however is whether you and me, the common man always gets such justice with any degree of consistency?

My father, while taking his mother to the hospital was advised rest and a checkup was forced on him because he looked emaciated. The bloodpressure did appear less than normal but he was advised to stay in the hospital for the night and a temporary packemaker was inserted in his body. Later, a permanant pacemaker was put in its place next morning. This entailed a lot of cost and till today, he is not sure whether or not this was required.

I myself sufffered from slipdisc five years back. I was advised surgery but since spine surgery is dicey, we thought better to take more than one opinion. All the three doctors adivsed surgery but two of them proactively asked me whether or not I had a medical insurance. The manner in which the question was mooted reeked of something amiss and what hurt more was that one of the doctors was known to me from before. However, I found a remedy in alternative medicine when some person in Sona near Delhi cured the slip disc without charging anything. He is kind of accupressurist who does this seva from 5 am to 11pm and I have seen all kinds of patients from Arthritis to severe paralytics there. He has cured five more people known to me and the very fact that he gets 500 people on Sundays is a testimony of his efficacy. I wonder at the plight of other patients who may not have been so lucky. Should not the mainstream media or blogging for that matter highlight such people and issues? Vipasana meditation cured my 15 year old insomnia problem forever which no doctor could and here too I payed through my nose to the doctors without acheiving a damn thing and the meditation cured the problem free of cost as that too is a voluntary service.

On the other hand, it is not uncommon to come across “professional doctors” who can really fleece. One of my friends told me once how his father’s friend, an opthalmologist had tried to cheat him. Another friend told me about how his father who was on his deathbed was overcharged for so many things in the hospital. A Delhi hospital has a notorious reputation as a business hospital and hearing about how some doctors seem to work in collusion with testing labs hardly raises eyebrows anymore. I once also heard about a commercial paediatrician of all things. Even children have  started being treated like commodities. How can a common “banda”(man) cope with such obnoxious, self serving “dhandha”(business in the guise of profession)? If I may add, since justice is delayed and andha(blind), to stop all this who can weild a danda(stick)?

One hears of some lawyers as a “remedy being worse than the disease” because of continuing to delay cases and some chartered accountants working in collusion with tax officials to the detriment of the clients. One can go on and on but what can an individual do in such a situation? Isn’t he totally helpless? The mainstream media cannot reach everywhere and a Jesicca Lall happens only once in a while and that too when things go out of control.

Blogging now is a potent symbol of the information revolution and mass communication and quite a powerful tool in the hands of the individual. Unfortunately in “Individual v/s Institution” the optimal results are achieved only by the “Unity is Strength”   syndrome just the way some people fight property issues against a builder collectively. Can something like the bloggerscombine which was formed recently to combat the bloggersblock or something similar be used for such purposes? This could be in collusion with the mainstream media at times  but should be done with great care since somebody’s reputation is at stake. This may seem far fetched currently just the way everybody laughed when CNN introduced the 24 hour channel first. Who knows how a medium may evolve in the future?

Its not for nothing that the chinese governement is scared of blogging and our legal system being what it is, “Why not actively use blogging as the alternatives are tantamount to slogging”  or to put it in a lighter vein and borrowing a tune from yesteryear’s fillm:-

Ding-a Dong, oh baby sing a song

If you like, read Greatbong

If you can,also redress a wrong

The individual has always drifted like ping-pong.

Blogging, if used effectively can make him King-kong

Since With blogging, we can throng( collectively)

Justice can be swift, why take long?  

Considering its potential, if not used effectively, blogging shall  be confined to entertainment or intellectual masturbation. I take this occasion to float my third blog- for those interested, it is “Cust-se-mar- Customer” . (

(After writing this post, the best Tennis player in the local club told me how despite the approval by the Tennis Academy, the powers that be in the club continue to indulge in politics and  refuse to install lights at night to enable children to practice since in the morning they would get fatigued and not attend school properly.Why should my son’s future as a Tennis player be affected by all this and who wants to go to the long drawn procedures of the courts for all this? How is this different from Jesica lall’s murder- you are murdering somebody’s future.

Since the Tenant members are treated as second class citizens( this in Delhi, the capital of India), my father had to fight twice through the court to get his membership restored and I too got it after a long time. One really wishes there was a more practical and faster system for the indvidual. Panchayti Raj should highlight local issues- whether urban or rural and the mainstream media is also looking for stories- it could be a win-win situation for both- individual bloggers and the media- you scratch my back and I scratch yours but not in a derogatory sense) 


Why fear the blogosphere, why chase the cyberspace?

July 20, 2006

So much has already been writren about the “Bloggers Block” that I was wondering whether or not to add a post on the issue when an incident today in the monrning  helped make up my mind.

I had an appointment with a dentist early in the morning. I started on the normal route which was a right turn 100 meters away from my house which goes inside the colony. I was astonished to find that the gate was closed. I parked the car to inquire the reason. From across the gate, I met another young man who told me that he stayed only three houses away from me. He was seething with rage. He said,” Not letting the outside traffic inside the colony does not imply that you cause so much inconvenience to residents. I am coming back from the local club. You mean to say that I can’t go to my own house from the local club just to accomodate outsiders. Who decides what is right and wrong and with whose interest in view. Which ###$$ did this. Is this the wayto make decisions?Does he have any common sense or no.”  I suppose voltaire’s statement of Common sense being most uncommon applies as much to a residential welfare association as to all  governments.

Since I had an appointement I could not afford a conversation with him and went by the longer route which had a horrible reputation for peak hour traffic. Though normally it takes around 10-15 minutes,it took me thirty five minutes to reach the destination. The inconvenience caused and the analogy with the  bloggers block  can be viewed in two contexts:-

The narrow incidental context:-

In my case, the gate was opened within 20 minutes(came to know later) but in the case of blogging, three full days have passed and the governement has neither given a satisfactory explanation not taken back this deplorable step. Some five minutes back, I came to know that somebody had posted a couple of pages of inflammatory stuff on a blog to defame a particular religious community and to avoid inflammed passions from getting out of control, an order was passed to block just two pages but the ISPs blocked the entire blogsites.After four full days, the govt relented and restored the accesability to the affected sites. If the reason given is true, the ISPs are as ignorant as the government. The issue is -does it take so much time to realize  in an age of information revolution and mass(instant) communication? Considering the earlier impression, many people have written that techno-savvy terrorists would manage to communicate through the net anyway and it would be a little amateurish for professional terrorist to use blogs for this. Then, can so many people be put to inconvenience like this?

The broader context:-

The remark that the guy made about who decides what is right and wrong haunted me and reminded me of a book that I had read years ago about “The survival of the individual” by Ama Pant. Though the book was first written long before the personal computer was introduced, the author probably had blogging in mind stating “Intelligent attempts to create a vast new range of relationships between man and man, between man and his environment and man and his society are becoming more and more prevalent and came enable an individual to survive meaningfully and creatively. ” Hasn’t blogging served as an excellent tool for the above?.  

What better way to remain alert and intelligent than through blogging. Whether it is the murder of Jesicca lall or whether it is the uprising of students against politically motivated reservations  or Gaurav Sabnis v/s IIPM; for a non celebrity, blogging enables mass acess to other individuals that no other tool has. 

The basic jist of the book is how the individual is a cog in the wheel not just in organizations but society as large. It talks on how the party that holds on to power tries to retain it at all costs whereas the individual continues to remain depressed, surpressed and exploited and has feelings of fear and anger against authority. It talks of depornalization of people in companies I remember reading on some blogs on how some people made matters of their organization public through their blogs and were taken to task for that.  In the David(Individual) v/s Goliath( Society/government/ company) battle, blogging can prove to be a great leveller in the future.

Internet in general and blogging in particular is the first mass media tool directly in the hands of the individual. Nobody in the entire history of mankind had such a unique tool for interacting with complete strangers all over the world. Can we be deprived of it  in such a brazen and arbitrary manner for such a long time without a real reason? If not properly highlighted and redressed, we will have an encore in the future for some different “reason” .

Some major newspapers are getting into the act and trying to gain public support through singature campaigns on the net. They, however are the mainstream media. This is first and foreost our tool and we should be vigilant about our accessability to it at all times. 


Hum Ek(One) Humare Dou(Two)-Blogily planning?

February 18, 2006

I have been wondering how the old family planning dictum “Hum dou humare dou” applies to blogs. Being new to blogging, there was no alternative but to move around the blogosphere to not only get the feel of it but to announce to fellow bloggers that I was the new kid around the blog( read block). This middleaged kid was surprised to learn that some of  my esteemed seniors have as many as nine blogs to their credit which ironical though it may seem in the “seniors” context, is a sign of youthful exuberance.

That reminds one of Bihar Ex chief minister, Lalloo Prasad Yadav’s nine children. When asked whether he believed in family planning, pat came the reply “ What else do you think I have been doing”. To digress a little, superb entertainer as he is wonder how lalloo would have responded to  blogs:-

Hum bhi banayenge blogua( Blog)

Jaanenge us maadhyam se logua(log or people)

Ke fodder scam me hum nahi the thagua(Thug)

Hum CM nahi rahe, ee hume kya hoi gawa

Just as a pace bowler  after a few years experience in  cricket realizes that one can get more wickets on swing rather than sheer pace, it is quality and not quantity that matters. The general truism apart, success in life comes from knowing your niche instead of  scattering your energy all over the place. If you have a kind of general purpose blog which you want to sub-categorize, I feel WordPress is a far better platform because it is administratively difficult to manage so many blogs simultaneously. That’s where “Hum ek , Humare dou” comes in because even with wordpress, it is not advisable to do more than two blogs initially at least.  Besides, WordPress has several other impressive features like automatic linking, RSS and even some kind of arrangement with Techorati, which to my mind is the best search engine for blogs. All this is a boon to beginners.

I have plenty of experience in software implementation from which I have learnt that one should not immediately switch because sometimes a new software flatters to deceive or you may goof up initially in some respect. Though WordPress is good in every respect, some of the configuration is slightly dicey initially. Blogger is kind of “first love” as far as blogging is concerned and I hate leaving the platform. At the same time, the better features at WordPress cannot be ignored. I have been wondering whether it is possible to have the cake and eat it too i.e to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds  or in this respect, remain with both. There are lots of people who have their anonymous comments switched off in blogger(as a result of which you cannot give them your wordpess link) and to remain in touch with such anonymous pals, why not stay with both? Legally, I don’t think anything is wrong with it(Hum ek humare dou again). Please comment.:-

As in the Blogosphere I try to find my feet and  hobble,

I am having trouble

Deciding whether to stay single or double

Having two platforms may enable

To go global

I don’t want to do anything illegal and wobble.

No controversies please, I am here to have fun, to babble.

The other way out is the third front like in politics which  and have shown recently  by going for their own websites  but I suppose for a newbie, one has to be pretty confident of one’s writing to pull that off because in the long run, one would want the site to be self sustaining or one would be reduced to singing the greatsong “ Dil ki ye arz000n hai ke koiii advertise kare…”


Blooker award for blogstar.

October 21, 2005

The Delhi times(October 20,2005) had a cute story on B(l)ooked your blog yet?Blooker prize aims to award blooks-books printed from blogs.

Stephen fraser of Lullu, the organization behind the prize says, ” Magazines are watching the growing literary. Publishers are publishing books depending upon the material published on blogs”Prominent blogger Cory Doctorow and a judge for the prize says that yardsticks for blooks will be similar to those of books

Preeti Desai, President Internet and mobile association of India said that this should encourage the bloggers to create quality content.

When one sees the judges of competitions like Indian idols, one wonders who the judges of blogging competition would be in India. The United states is way ahead of India on the blogging scene. One really wonders when will there be a blogexplosion and a technocrati only for Indian blogs. 



The purpose of a blog

June 9, 2005

I had the good fortune to read Po Bronson’s “What should I do with my life”. In that Mr Bronson describes the ordeal of a writer trapped in a management job and similar other cases. Sometimes one may have a spontaneous inclination somewhere but the vagaries of life and vicissitudes of existence may make him forcefully follow something completely different. A reknowned writer from the Hindi film Industry described wrong occupation as “Lifetime imprisonment”. In that context, we should be grateful that something like the internet is available for at latent writing talent to at least manifest if not blossom. At least there is an outlet, an avenue, a ray of light for people to showcase their talent which brings to mind what a famous hindi movie director said, “ You cannot be a show on unless you are a show off” All this serious stuff apart, blogging should be plain fun and good exchange of information and knowledge :-
As I ponder over the purposes of the blog
Wrong occupation is like being covered under a fog
Any prospect to breakout should make one slog
It is a unique opportunity for exchange and dialog
Anybody would be tempted to make posts and build a log